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Each and every client receives the same amount of strength and commitment, expertise, professionalism and dedication, irrespective of their size. Nima Ameri does not stand down or back down. He believes in very aggressively advocating for his clients needs.

Not constrained by the desire to be home at 5 P.M., he has devoted his life to his trade. He’s motivated by effectiveness and has created a culture of dedication and strength for his entire firm.  He strives to advocate strength, both for defensive and offensive cases, and while he does believe in resolution, it cannot come from a place of weakness. “Resolutions need to come from strength.” He believes only when people fear the possibility of defeat can they rationalize resolution.

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Core Team

Nima Ameri

Managing Partner & Founder
Nima Ameri received his Bachelors of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, and his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University School of Law.
Mr. Ameri works predominantly in the area of Corporate Law and Litigation. His background in sciences gives him the organizational thought process and technical expertise to understand complex issues and find innovative solutions. A student of strategy and history, Mr. Ameri litigates by charting the entire case using internal decision tree analysis techniques, allowing him to foresee many issues and address them before they become problems.Mr. Ameri’s success and reputation is well known throughout the New York and New Jersey area. He has handled many high profile cases which have been featured on TMZ, CBS News, Reuters, CBS Local NY, Law 360, World Star Hip Hop, Daily News and more. He has been featured as an expert on legal issues by CBS Television. He has represented professional athletes, rappers, actors, actresses, major nationwide corporations as well as large local companies including hospital services.Mr. Ameri has been published on Appellate Court decisions, and is licensed in the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York, New York State Court, New Jersey Federal Court and New Jersey State Court.

Mr. Ameri is an avid skier, golfer, tennis player, soccer player and mountain biker. He is very fond of the outdoors as he likes to challenge himself physically to be always prepared mentally for the difficulties of any task.

John J. Clark IV


A graduate of Kean University and Rutgers Law School (Doctor of Law, J.D.), John J. Clark IV has been with Ameri and Associates since 2014.  Mr. Clark specializes in employment law including discrimination, unpaid wages, agreements, independent contractor agreements and clestical law (church law) as it relates to corporate.  He’s also active in areas of commercial real estate transactions, residential real estate, commercial and residential lease agreements, Condo and Co-op law.

His strong litigation skills stem from working with the Office of the Camden County Prosecutor in both their Domestic Violence Unit, and Motions and Appeals Unit.  Experience, knowledge and dedication to his clients provides outstanding, excellent legal representation for the firm’s Family Law clients in areas of divorce,, marital agreements, equitable distribution and custody agreements.

Along with strengths in Employment Law and Family Law, Mr. Clark is also active working with Ameri and Associates corporate clients in areas including contract disputes  including internal and external business disputes, partnership theft, failure to perform (vendors), poor performance for vendors, contracts for vendors and contracts for employees.

Dominick Succardi


Dominick Succardi is a graduate of Rutgers School of Law. Mr. Succardi’s work is centered around criminal cases and personal injury. Mr. Succardi came to the firm from the law offices of Mr. Joseph Rotella, the former President of the Assocation of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey.

Mr. Succardi has run the criminal and personal injury portion of the firm since 2015. He is a father of two (2).
An undergraduate of Rutgers New Brunswick, Mr. Succardi graduated with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. Post undergrad, Mr. Succardi was a professional poker player. His career came to an end when he saw a higher calling in the field of Law and enrolled in Rutgers School of Law. There Mr. Succardi held government positions with the Justinian and Federalist societies, he was also the Vice President and Founding Member of the Ultimate Frisbee Club. After law school, Mr. Succardi became a member of both the New York and New Jersey Bars.

Mr. Succardi is a knowledgeable and professional attorney. Mr. Succardi has successfully represented firm clients in practice areas including personal injury, DUI, drug related charges, weapons forfeitures, domestic violence, thefts, robbery and assault cases. His spirited litigation comes from a belief in, and willingness to fight for the best outcome possible for his clients. For example, when litigating a personal injury case, his concern is not for quick resolution but to quantify his client’s injuries and try to obtain every penny his client deserves.