Rapper Joe Budden tells cops via Twitter they can find him at strip club

If the rapper Joe Budden is feeling the heat because cops are looking for him for allegedly roughly up and robbing his girlfriend last Sunday, the Jersey City native is hardly breaking a sweat — at least going by his big talk on Twitter.Budden tweeted yesterday that cops could find him last night at a strip club in Astoria. “Let the Man hunt know,” he taunted.

The “Pump It Up” lyricist followed up with “Glad to see our tax dollars being put to good use! Lol.”

The potty-mouth rapper continued with another post sure to offend lots of people: “Only 1 thing to do in times like these … so lemme go beat off like the real n— I am.”

And yes, predictably, he told cops to suck his private part.

Despite the online braggadocio, Budden’s attorney, Nima Ameri, told The New York Daily News he is fully cooperating with the police investigation, and he’s asking “for patience as the evidence and facts unfold.”

The one-time Def Jam artist allegedly showed up to a Washington Heights restaurant last Sunday, grabbed his ex-girlfriend and forced her into his car, and then took her to his New Jersey home where he continued to assault her, according to police reports.